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Hotel Tourist, Poltava, Ukraine. Online Hotel Booking System

Travel agency, Poltava

Near the hotel "Tourist" is located Poltava tourist bureau, which offers tours across Poltava, as well as multi-day hiking trails through the outskirts of the city, including:

Peter park, monument to T. Shevchenko

Spasskaya church

Walk on the Cathedral square:

  • Assumption cathedral
  • White Pergola
  • monument to galushka
  • country estate of Ivan Kotlyarevskiy...” For Poltavaers and numerous visitors of city it for a long time is not so simple museum establishment where in silence of rooms personal things of the poet have a dust some. Just right on the contrary! It is the separate world, part of olden time, something that is approached to the childhood and a fairy tale.”

Monument On a place of rest of Peter І after Poltava fight

Monument to lost cossacks (Parkway Panjansky)

Monument to defenders of Poltava and to commandant O.S. Kelin

Monument to N. Gogol, theatre of name N. Gogol, monument to М. Churay, monument to I. Kotlyarevsky

Round Square, Monument of Glory „...constructed on that place, where on the second day after fight Peter Great... had solemn entrance to Poltava.”

Chestnut Avenue

Dinner (at will)

Zinkovskiy shlyah to Field of the Poltava fight:

  • Historical-cultural reserve „Field of the Poltava fight”
  • Sampsoniivskaya church
  • Monument to Poltava fight
  • Krestovozdvijenskiy convent

Free time:

  • visiting of «McDonald's»
  • entertaining complex «Igroland»
  • bright action of entertaining programs on ice
  • circus tent, menagerie (at presence)

At will in addition visitings of museums:

  • Literary museum of Kotlyarevsky
  • Muzeum of Panasa Mirnogo
  • Muzeum of V. Korolenko
  • Museum of astronautics
  • Gallery of arts
  • Botanical garden
  • Museum of fire safety
  • Museum of aircraft