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Sauna in Poltava

We invite you to visit the sauna hotel "Tourist".

In frame of millenia all cultures of the world recognized therapeutic value of warming up of a body for improvement of health and longevity.

Many old traditions now forgotten, however, our happiness, the fate of gay past two before the wedding events as bachelorette party and bachelor party. Choosing a stag or hen party in the sauna you can spend it surrounded by friends or girlfriends and also can improve their health in the steam room.

How best to spend this memorable day before the wedding, of course you decide selecting our sauna but it will be for you, guaranteed unforgettable!

The restoring effect of a sauna will consist in that strong heating of a body causes desire to be cooled, and on the contrary, cooling induces the person to be warmed again. During alternation of procedures of cooling and heatings the temperature balance of an organism is restored.

Due to researches it is established, that visiting of a sauna removes mental and a physical pressure. It is marked, that after a sauna there is a sensation of mental comfort, dream improves.

Experts consider, that regular (once in week) visiting of a sauna favorably affects state of health of the person, assists to tempered of organism, raises immunity, positively influences removal mental, emotional and physical weariness.

There was a tradition to congratulate those who have taken a steam bath with words «With easy steam!» and to wish them a sound health.

We are working around the clock if the pre-order will have been done!

Roominess - 6 person.

Price - 200 UAH per one hour.

We are waiting for you in our sauna and guarantee an individual approach to each guest.

Ph. +380532 57-27-61, 099-260-37-28

Reparative effect of sauna
After the sauna there is a sense of mental comfort
After the sauna  sleep  improves
Roominess of sauna is six people
With easy steam!
In the sauna